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This page will give you some basic ideas of housekeeping and green economy. Following these environmental living guidelines you will not only reduce your carbon footprint, help to fight global warming but also save a great deal of money.

Buy and operate only those household appliances that are marked A Class. An A Class washing machine will provide better treatment for your clothes, it will not damage your garments and you will save energy. Lots of energy in fact. Compare for yourself. An A Class washing machine will use approximately 0.95 kW/h in a single washing cycle while B Class machine would need 1.15 kW/h to do the same job. If you use a C Class washing machine, you burn down 1.3 kW/h or unbelievable 5.5 kW/h if you still operate a G Class or an old unmarked washing machine.

Use only Biodegradable washing powders and only use those that allow you to wash your laundry at lower temperatures. The modern bio powders provide a good washing at 30 degrees C. This practice will save your money on electricity, save money on powder because modern powders are more concentrated and used less for the same ammount of laundry. You will also reduce global warming and help the planet to recycle the washing powder naturally (as long as it really is biodegradable, check the package before you buy).

Recycle where possible. Recycling paper, cans and glass you help to reduce global prices on books, newspapers etc. It is much cheaper to recycle paper than to produce it from wood pulp. And remember, if you recycle paper, there is a beautiful green tree somewhere that you have saved from cutting!

When you boil water in your kettle, fill it only with the amount of water necessary i.e. donít boil full kettle if you are not going to use it. This way you will save energy. It takes 0.1 kW/h of energy to boil 2 pints of water; to boil 3 pints you will use almost 1.8 kW/h.

Consider reading Electronic books to save trees. Sustainable energy directly from the source is the clean choice for a green future. Check Solar Powered Portable Readers for more information. Carbon neutral, tree-free reading is here. By combining portable readers with solar chargers, you can learn about forests-without contributing to deforestation.

Avoid using lifts and elevators and reduce your carbon footprint Lifts are consuming a lot of electrical energy because they are run by powerful electrical engines. It is not necessary to use an elevator to travel a couple of storeys. Walking up and down the stairs is healthy and helps to train muscles and keep you fit.

Consider obtaining a dishwasher. If it is A Class marked, it will use 1 kW/h of energy and 25 pints of cold water - a third of resources that would be spent if washing the same amount of dishes with your hands.

We all use chargers. Different types of chargers. We charge our Mp3 players, mobile phones, batteries, digital cameras and other appliances. Some people leave the charger in the socket and it operates around the clock. This is one of the biggest wastes of energy and also accounts for global warming. Touch a charger and you will understand. It is warm, isn't it? When it is left in a socket it converts energy into heat. An unofficial study in the UK says unattended chargers are wasting around $100,000,000 and 250,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year in Britain alone.

This has been said many times before but I cannot help reiterating it. Switch off the light when you leave the room. Do not listen to people who say there is a sharp surge of energy consumption when you turn on the light, do not believe those who say that turning on/off frequently damages the light switches and bulbs. It is not true. Just use as much electricity you really need. Don't waste it providing lighting to empty rooms.

Use energy saving light bulbs or even LED light sources instead of the usual incandescent (metal filament) light bulbs. Some countries are planning to ban filament bulbs in next 2 to 5 years. Energy saving light bulbs will use only 20% (one fifth) the energy used by a standard light bulb and will serve 10 - 15 times longer.

Choose to support local shops and never buy food thatís been travelling from abroad and done high foodmiles. I bet your country grows tomatoes and produces bread and butter. So why buy these simple everyday things imported from across the ocean? Supporting low foodmiles produce you will cut your carbon footprint and boost your local economy.

Stop believing in advertising and read labels before you buy cosmetics and food. Parabens and synthetic food colours are bad for your health - choose natural and organic cosmetics and simple food. Green environment economy also means taking care of your own health.


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