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Civil Rights. Throughout American history, people have struggled to extend the reach of civil rights to new groups of people. The Thornton for Governor campaign sees itself as a small part of that larger movement, and we will continue to fight to expand the reach of basic, fundmental rights to all people regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender, race or religion.

Criminal Justice. Thornton for Governor demands an end to the War on Drugs through legalization, medicalization and decriminalization. Connecticut should abolish the death penalty, provide amnesty for non-violent drug offenders serving prison sentences, and re-examine the drinking age of 21.

Education. Thornton for Governor envisions a Connecticut where every single citizen is functionally literate, where every citizen has equal access to educational opportunities.

Electoral Reform. "Being a Green is like being black," Cliff Thornton has said. Third party candidacies are oppressed in the system dominated by the two parties. The time is now for a change. Connecticut needs improved ballot access measures, campaign finance reform, Instant Runoff Voting and we should seriously consider a return to paper ballots.

Environment. Cliff Thornton and the Green Party propose environmental policies which we understand will not be wildly popular because they call for individual restraint when it comes to energy usage. But if we want to bequeath a clean, healthy planet to our descendants, we have to make changes, however painful they may be. Fixing the Earth requires sacrifice.

Female Reproductive Rights. Thornton for Governor believes that health care is a human right. For that reason, Cliff's campaign is focusing on single payer health care and women's reproductive rights.

Tax Policy. A balanced revenue portfolio that eases the burdens of homeowners and stops sprawl is essential to an overhaul of Connecticut tax policy. We arrived there through a disciplined policy process which performs solid policy analyses before passing legislation and then outcome measurements on the back end.

Transportation/Smart Growth. Connecticut needs a balanced transportation plan that addresses rail, air, bicycling, pedestrianism, buses, Ride Share vans and bussing. We need to decrease our reliance on the automobile, and Thornton for Governor is seeting an immediately attainable goal of removing 400,000 cars from the roads of Connecticut.

End The Iraq War. While the war is generally an issue of federal policy, Thornton for Governor opposes the war in Iraq because it is wrong. Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, and the invasion of a sovereign nation has made our country less safe.

Youth Voting Rights. Young people would be more civically active if they had the right to vote. Connecticut's secretary of the state should do more to involve young people who aren't of voting age to participate as poll workers, as current law allows.


This part of the site is outdated. Please click here to visit the Environment Blog

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