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Towards a Green Economy
Developing a green economy for Connecticut
The possibility of a sustainable green economy exists in the not-too-distant future because the necessity of a green economy is upon us. A green economy will produce of thousands of living wage jobs, lower our reliance on expensive and polluting fossil fuels, create recycling and reuse programs, housing rehabilitation, environmental remediation, energy reduction and overall, generate a planet-friendly way of life. A green economy can and must be achieved. Green is the color of a sustainable future for our children.

The Thornton for Governor campaign seeks to build a viable political party that serves as the electoral arm of the global movement for peace, social and economic justice, and democracy. Thornton for Governor aims to utilize its campaign to strengthen local Green Party chapters for the 2007 municipal elections and beyond.

Profit and preservation are possible simultaneously. Capitalism does not have to be at odds with the planet. Yet the consequences of more than a century of fossil-fuel dependent development demonstrate that we must curb our excesses if our children are to inherit a livable ecosystem.

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